10 Wonderful Features Of Android Lollipop


Android enthusiasts are highly excited with the features they are experiencing with Lollipop and Kitkat.  Android lollipop is one of the latest inventions of science, which has, by now, taken market by storm. It is one of the biggest and most ambitious undertakings for Android. Android OS would be getting an all-new makeover offering some outrageous changes which Android predecessors unfortunately did not posses.  Then few KitKat admirers do smirk, if Lollipop is actually better than KitKat.

Below few features are discussed for those who are not familiar with Lollipop yet.

  1. Spruced up Soft key design

In this latest version, soft keys are methodically redone, they are given a new design. The change is pretty good and impressive. The whole design looks compact and fashionable. Simple, user friendly and sophisticated.

  1. App Itemization

The drawback of having a smart phone is its recurrent notification pop put that umpteen apps usually send all throughout the day, however Lollipop offers you the freedom to itemize and prioritize the apps so that you receive notifications from those apps, which you really prefer and want to stay well-informed about it. So no disturbance, no annoyance you will face with Lollipop.

  1. Battery is highly powerful

Battery is a big issue when new version of mobile launches in market. In Android Lollipop priority is given to battery, today Lollipop users do not have to have their mobile phone on charging for hours as the battery is long lasting. Android Lollipop has integrated few fundamental features, which were missing in KITKAT. This OS system adequately broadcast exactly how much time you require to charge the battery completely and there is also a provision to check when the battery will run out of charging. The moment the phone is set for charging the home screen will display time for full charge.

  1. Undue touch

Maximum people have irritating tendency to meddle with other’s phones. They, intentionally or unintentionally lay hands on phones.  Lollipop help users to stay secured from this problem quite smartly. Similar to the users of Windows, Lollipop offers platform for guest users or third party using. In this way you will may limit the information that you would them to view. In this way they will feel good about you and your personal data will remain hidden and protected. Adding guest is also quite easy.

  1. Built in Flashlight

Many have wondered until now, why Google did not think of pinning a flashlight in the notification section just like iOS.

iOS has the exact mechanism inbuilt in its control center. However Lollipop has mitigated that reservation and without the requirement of any third party app installment one can straight away use the flashlight by accessing the notification section.

  1. Multitasking 

With Android Lollipop multitasking is entirely effortless an undertaking. This feature enables its user to scroll through all the notification in an effortless manner. It is quite simple and permits one to see through details of each notification right before entering the app.

  1. Make mood with flappy bird

If you were in love with flappy bird then Lollipop would offer you something better more enhanced way to pamper your mood. You will have an Easter egg to unlock while playing the game; your gaming moments will be full of fun and entertainment. Instead of bird, there will be android robot to offer you more pleasure and thrill.

  1. Warning and notification

The notification section is out and out streamlined, unbelievably simple and user friendly to access. Its main plus point is its simplicity in design. So when the screen is locked you can still be informed of all the notification and warnings you deserve to know, that is, one of the fundamental features missing in KITKAT. Albeit, it will pose problem for you as when your phone remains unattended anyone can have a sneak peak and go through all the notifications. But the feature can also be disabled by accessing the setting, you can manipulate the sound and notification section.  

  1. Extra addition: Trusted places

Trusted Places is one of the innovative additions added to Lollipop. Until today, all phones are having passwords and those passwords are required to be disabled the moment we enter some familiar location for example your own vehicle or room. However, Trusted Places is something where a mobile user will declare certain areas as safe and secured. So the moment they enter the areas they do not have to go through the hardship of unlocking their phones. It will automatically unlock.

  1. Quick access to Chromecast   

With Android Lollipop there is no requirement for third-party apps install. Google is there to solve your troubles and problem with chromecast. It is now possible to stream media quite effortlessly right from the notification panel.

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