Blogging Tips and Tricks


I have been blogging for more years than I care to remember, in fact, I was blogging before there was blogging!

Over the years I have collected a number of tips and tricks to help make blogging easier and quicker:

  • Tools I use for blogging: Buffer – Buffer is a great tool to help you manage your social media and to let the world know you have just posted a great article. The system integrates nicely with Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.
  • Tools I use for blogging: If this then that (IFTTT) – A great tool for producing workflows to link your blogging activities together and to make your life easier.
  • Tools I use for blogging: Swarm – This one surprises a lot of people. By using Swarm I can login to a place I am visiting and automatically, by using IFTTT, start a new blog post in Evernote.
  • Tools I use for blogging: a smart phone (iPhone) – This is an essential tool if you are a travel blogger (or any blogger) on the road. I use it to capture material about where I am, and what I am doing, and to make notes for future possible blog posts.
  • Tools I use for blogging: Evernote – This is my go to blogging, and social media tool.

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